A flexible workplace is a more efficient workplace

Diversified Talent

The person for the job could be anywhere. A flexible workplace opens your org up to global talent. 73% of Parsec for Teams owners have already diversified their hiring pool by expanding beyond their locale.

Reduced Footprint

A flexible workforce needs less space — and that means massive reductions in operating and real estate cost. More than 50% of Parsec owners are reducing real estate and creating flex office space.

Hardware on Demand

Flexible office infrastructure means a reduction in hardware, and opens up the ability to share the hardware you need. 80% of Parsec owners are already investing in headless infrastructure, pooled hardware, and virtual machines.

Powering flexible teams

Parsec for Teams is the only remote access tool for creative organizations transitioning to the flexible workplace. Parsec provides unrivaled video, control, and makes latency disappear.

Built for gaming, perfect for anything

Perfect mouse handling, 60FPS, 4K video, and support for various inputs means any creative can get their job done

Enterprise admin & security controls

Parsec for Teams adds the workstation management and security controls customized to your needs

One download makes for endless possibilities

Create from any device

Creative professionals can work from anywhere without worrying about access to powerful hardware

Collaboration & meetings

Single click access lets folks recreate walking over to each other’s desks

Remote reviews

No more uploading or downloading, or waiting on a render. Review content with a single link

Guest Access

Securely invite people from outside your team to use computers for a limited time for events, media demos research, freelancers, and more

Perfect playback

4:4:4 color mode, dual monitor streaming, and 60FPS, 4K video mimic the experience of being in the studio

Shared workstations

Pool resources and share work terminals, specialized machines, rendering stations, and more

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