From indie to AAA, Parsec takes the world’s best game developers remote

Before Parsec

  • Limited hardware. Remote developers are stuck using the (often underpowered) hardware they’ve taken to work from home.
  • Clunky remote access. Dropped frames, inaccurate colors, and blurry text prevent game creators from entering “the zone.”
  • Limited peripheral support. Both tablets and gamepads aren’t supported remotely, limiting creation and testing alike.
  • Poor coordination. Delays in workflow because sharing work via email and conference calls is cumbersome and ineffective.
  • Insecure assets. Work is often loaded onto external hard drives or laptops, which are easily stolen or misplaced.

After Parsec

  • Complete flexibility. Developers can use their preferred hardware and workflows on Windows and macOS anywhere they go.
  • Frame-perfect from anywhere. Near-zero lag, 4:4:4 color, and perfect AV sync make remote development the same as being in the office.
  • Flawless control. Developers, users, and the press experience your game, not the tools used to access it.
  • Seamless collaboration. Multiple people can access the same encrypted workstation with a single click and work together, while apart.
  • Controllable security. Your assets remain secure and on-premises, accessed remotely and on-the-fly by you and your team.

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More than 45,000 individuals across 1,300 of the world’s most creative companies have unleashed their imaginations using Parsec

“Parsec is a total game changer. It helped us to implement hybrid office/remote workflows so that the team could get results as good as if we all were in the same room together.”

Kevin Coster, Infrastructure Lead at Creative Assembly

“Parsec is super fast and responsive, with zero lag and beautiful colors, so it feels like we’re there, which is important to artists. The low latency is insane. With other products, we experienced lots of lag time that made it so hard to work, we’d want to give up.”

John Bashyam, Co-Founder at Warm & Fuzzy

“It’s hilarious to demo Parsec to editors and producers. They are initially skeptical, but once they are connected to our edits, they are literally gobsmacked with the experience. It’s fun to witness, over and over, the defining moment in their minds that remote editing is here to stay.”

Paul Ingvarsson, Finishing Editor & Co-Owner at Storm Post Production

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Flawless visuals

Up to 240 FPS and ultra-high definition (UHD) video with precise colors using 4:4:4 chroma subsampling across up to three monitors

Amazing peripheral support

Precise gamepad controls, full pressure and tilt-sensitive drawing tablet inputs, and (of course) keyboard and mouse support

Blazing fast connection

Near-zero latency for low lag access for developers, game testers, and the press—Parsec was built for remote gaming first

Secure guest access

Guest connections are tightly controlled—players are actually connected to your studio’s hardware and can only see and interact with what you allow

Work-ready secure desktop

SSO-enabled P2P remote access to macOS and Windows machines alike—traffic is encrypted and never touches our servers

Instant collaboration

Share a link and work from the same computer, enabling cross-functional teamwork both asynchronously and in real-time

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Each workday, Parsec saves an hour in commutes and an hour in productivity:

2 hours
each day
10 hours
each week
520 hours
each year

That's more than 3 weeks in extra time each year.

Creativity never sleeps, but with a better work/life balance, you’ll rest easy

Parsec is the ultimate remote desktop, powerful enough for teams of developers, artists, and quality engineers to work together from anywhere.

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